Our lovely 3 yr old Meesha was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, Stage-4 in Aug 2010. We as Meesha’s parents provide the best care to her.

Meesha has completed…m1

* 6 Chemos (Aug-Dec, 2010)

* Surgery (Jan, 2011)

* 2 StemCell Transplants (Feb-April, 2011)

* Radiation (May, 2011)

* Monoclonal Antibody (July, 2011 – )

Meesha’s photo shoot video after her 13 hours surgery and 1st stemcell…

Meesha continue to attend First Presbyterian Pre-School during her cancer treatments.

Here is Meesha in 2014. She is in kindergarten at St. Michael’s Episcopal School.


One Response to Meesha

  1. Hi, Meesha! You look beautiful in your Princess Meesha costume! Love you sweet girl!

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