I have been teaching biblical education, world religions, technology & Christian values at St. Michael’s Episcopal School for the past 11 years. I have had the opportunity to provide pastoral care and counselling to various students and their families during this time. Here is a list of my progressive educational experience.           

Lower School Religion Teacher (Grades 3-5)              2005-Present       

  • Designing Bible and world religions curriculum and interactive lesson plans for Grade 3-5.
  • Introducing Grade 3 students to Old Testament Bible, Hebrew culture, and Jewish traditions through stories, interactive games, songs, multimedia, arts, crafts, personal application, memory verses and field trips to the Jewish synagogue.
  • Introducing Grade 4 students to the New Testament Bible, Greek Culture, Judeo-Christian traditions and message of Jesus Christ through the gospel stories, reflective activities, games, skits, multimedia, prayers, songs, parable and teachings of Jesus, church communities and student-led chapels.
  • Introducing and inspiring the Grade 5 students to world religions, cultures, practices, symbols, languages, and diversity of people by focusing on major religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism through field trips to various places of worship, Skype projects, guest speakers, drama, music, prayers, art work, food projects, and multimedia.
  • Enriching the lower school chapels through catchy music / songs, creative sermons, and interactive worship elements.
  • Creating religion and values projects using Differentiated Instructional Strategies.
  • Integrating a school-wide new values theme quarterly to help St. Michael’s community grow in Christian values.
  • Developing “underground soccer Sundays” to promote team building spirit for students and their families.
  • Communicating with parents and providing spiritual, emotional, and pastoral care.

Lower School Technology Instructor (K-5)                          2009-2014       

  • Creating curriculum and promoting an engaging learning experience tailored to the individual needs of students in the 21st century.
  • Providing a safe and interactive space for students to experience technology and apply the knowledge in core-subjects.
  • Collaborating with classroom teachers in planning, designing, and introducing technology in the various lesson plans and assisting with basic trouble shooting.
  • Equipping students with the knowledge and skills in keyboarding, Microsoft office, on-line researching, movie-making, iPad apps, and Chrome apps.
  • Using technology tools like Skype, Facetime, Google apps to help students connect, interact, participate and co-learn with other international schools, global cultures, and people.
  • Educating students with the ethical use of on-line resources and acceptable-use policy.
  • Providing professional development workshops and resources to teachers in enriching their comfort level.
  • Assessing and evaluating students’ progress and application level through differentiated instructional strategies.
  • Communicating regularly and providing resources and on-line safety tips to parents.

Middle School Values Teacher & Chaplain                2006-Present

  • Helping Grades 6-8 students to build self-confidence through personality theories, personality styles, emotional intelligence theories, and learner profile tests.
  • Developing Grades 6-8 students’ character and heart to serve through studying spiritual heroes around the world, and participating in service projects like Meals on Wheels.
  • Directing and facilitating the middle school student-led and designed chapels every week through student leadership, contemporary & traditional music, hymns, prayers, musical instruments, videos, personal stories, worship dance, props, and guests.
  • Providing spiritual counseling, and pastoral care to students and their families during crisis, emotional struggles, illnesses, death, and grief.

Other Responsibilities                                                   2009-Present

Assisting and coaching Physical Education

Integrating values and chapel curriculum with the International Baccalaureate Program



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