I am minister serving Springfield Christian Church

Image222History: Since 1885 Springfield has existed, first as a Sunday School known as Union School because several denominations were represented, and since 1896 as Springfield Christian Church. On May 29, 1898, Springfield was officially organized as Springfield Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. Springfield’s existing sanctuary was dedicated on Sunday, July 15, 1923.  1463762_701829973268621_2556783670969991581_nLater additions included four classrooms added to the sanctuary in 1947; an education building dedicated in September, 1964; a vestibule and baptistery in 1976; and in 1999 a fellowship hall, handicapped bathrooms, classrooms, and office which connected the existing buildings. In 1959 a brick parsonage and outdoor pavilion were constructed on property donated by Joe and Kathleen Isbell.

Ministry: The program of Springfield Christian Church is carried out by the functional committees of Worship, Finance, Christian Education and Youth ActivitiesSs, Missions and Community Service, Membership and Evangelism, and Buildings and Grounds. The ministry of music is an important part of our worship, and was enhanced by the procurement of a three manual Allen organ in 2010. Springfield offers intergenerational worship, music, educational and fellowship events to enrich children, youth, and families. Springfield is an active participant in global missions and local services (i.e. Caritas, WHEAT, Habitat for Humanity, and the Hanover and Goochland Free Clinics).  Vacation Bible School is held each summer and many of our children and youth and their friends attend Craig Springs Camp.

Blessed with a loving congregation and a rich history, Springfield is committed to loving God and living our faith. We welcome all into our family as we seek to reflect God’s love and carry out our ministry of service to this community and beyond.

IMG_2856Self: I am an ordained minister in the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ in United States and Canada. I have served many churches over the past 14 years in various capacities – preach, lead worship, conduct funerals, officiate weddings, minister to children & youth, led children choir & praise band, inter-generational family events, and educate Christian ministry through workshops and training programs.

Christian Church: Vision, mission, and identity statement of the Christian Church (DOC).

m7Disciples of Christ Camp Virginia: Craig Springs Disciples of Christ Camp & Retreat – our mission is to provide a meaningful Christian camping experience in a safe, welcoming environment. Nature Camp has always been my passion. Nature is planned, designed, and lead my high school students (counselors). Each counselor is paired by with an at-risk child. It has been a great joy leading music, worship, and creative games at this camp as a family.


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