I was born in South India (Madras). My dad’s first name is Joshua. He hoped that I would be a leader for Christ. So he named me Moses. After two weeks of my birth, my parents realized that their baby, Moses, was handicapped with a twisted right ankle. In spite of the underdeveloped medical conditions prevailing in India, and the doctor’s basic treatment, my ankle was straightened after 2 years. My parents felt that God had a specific purpose for me. My parents dedicated me to the Lord’s service.


Having been born and brought up in a Christian family, where my parents were God fearing and good Christian examples provided a strong Christian environment for me to live in, since childhood. As a child, I had taken part in all Christian and Church activities from Sunday School to singing in the Church choir. I was very happy and pleased about the Christian traditions and nurture that surrounded me. My dad and mom worked very hard in providing our family’s basic needs. Our family was poor. There were days we did not have food. We gave thanks to God and ate old and spoiled food. Thus, during those early years, I learned the aspects of faith and trusting in God from my parents in day-to-day activities. Our family slowly progressed as both my parents worked hard day and night. My dad worked for the National Airport Authority of India for 42 years and my mom taught high school science for 37 years. (Pic of them holding Meesha when they visited Virginia in 2009)

During the first year in the youth group during my high school years, the Lord touched my life though my Pastor, Rev. Michael Peppin, youth friends and leaders. Those seven years in the youth group really built-up a passion in me to know, love and serve the Lord. I would say my parents were a great source of encouragement, witness and support to my Christian faith.

In my free time during my college days, I enjoyed working with school clubs for children and teenagers. I was also given the leadership role in coordinating children’s programs in my church. I was equipped in counseling, training leaders, leading Christian talks, group building games and Bible studies by the various Christian organizations I served. I had the opportunity to work with Christian leaders from various parts of the world. I was also actively involved in service  projects during my undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s in Economics, Loyola College, India) and during my graduate studies (Master’s in Economics, Madras Christian College, India).

My church Pastor, Rev. Michael Peppin in India, has been one of my spiritual guides in my kChristian growth and spiritual maturity. With his guidance on July 1999, I was appointed as the youth worker in St. Andrew’s Church, Cambridge, England. This exposed me to a different culture of children and youth work. I learned a great deal working with youngsters at Churches, schools, colleges and also in the local community. I also served in a Mega-Church Christian events in the UK, like: Spring Harvest, New Wine, Greenbelt and YMCA Cambridge. I was trained by the best children and youth experts. I had the special chance to learn under Rev. Hugh McCurdy, the vicar at St. Andrew’s (Church of England). I had a greatest opportunity to serve with “TenSing” (A YMCA Cambridge Teen Choir). This provided the chance to visit and work with teens in Norway. The Church of England also sponsored me to work and serve with international mission fields in Netherlands. During this trip, I had an eye-opening experience of working, speaking, and counseling”Red Light Members” in Amsterdam. Yes, I took the time to visit Anne Frank’s home.


In September 2000, I moved as a Youth Minister to an English Speaking Church, St. Mark’s Versailles, France. I served in France for a year and two months. The European culture, travels, and people helped me learn so much about the real world and creative ways to reach out. In 2001, I arrive in New York, USA to start my theological training. I was voluntarily ministering with an Indian congregation in Queens, NY.

In January 2002, I was accepted into the M. Div program at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. This is a divine calling and action. During my 2nd month at the seminary, God’s hand guided me to join Battery Park Christian Church (DOC) as their Children & Youth Minister. I have been serving Battery Park Christian Church starting 2002 till present (2014) both in the capacity of Minister of Education (till 2004) and then as their Voluntary Minister (2005-till present).

I started my school teaching at St. Michael’s Episcopal School (Bon Air, VA) in 2004 and I will be completing 12 years of teaching Bible, World Religions, IB Humanities (Values), technology classes and leading school chapels this year in 2014. Please see the Educator page for more details.

In 2008, I received the call to become the senior pastor at Battery Park. I got ordained in the Disciples of Christ denomination. My ordination is recognized in the United Church of Christ in U.S and Canada. I am ever grateful to my ordination mentor Rev. Don Richardson (retired DOC minister). Don may be retired, but he is very active. Nothing stops Don.

At Battery Park Christian Church, I was under m4the leadership and pastoral care of Dr. Bill Blake (Senior Pastor 2006-2012) at Battery Park. Dr. Blake provided great wisdom and ministerial experience during that time to prepare myself with knowledge, and practical tools to be enriched as the senior pastor. (Pic from my ordination service 2009 and blessings from Rev. Lee Parker(Regional Minister) and various ecumenical pastors.)

In 2010, our lovely 3 yr old daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, Stage 4 cancer. This made me to focus on my family without making an new changes to my job. I continued working in the school and I requested my church the grace for me to step-down from the senior pastor process. Our daughter has gone through 6 Chemos (till Dec’10), 2 Surgeries (Jan’11), 2 StemCell Transplants (Feb-April’ 11), Radiation (May’ 11), Monoclonal Antibody treatment (Jan’12), and is currently is remission. We celebrate her life everyday.

Our family has gone through a very critical time through the cancer of our daughter, and various family crisis over the course of 5 years. Our emotions, and spirituality were broken. Thanks to God for the grace and mercy in spite of my personal struggles, questions and imperfect faith. I work hard each day with God given strenght and provide support, care, and love to my beloved daughter, Meesha. I live in God’s grace and mercy each day as I share that same message to the people in encounter.

With the continuous gift of my daughter’s life, I am able to emotionally, spiritually, and physically gain strength (slowly) and passion to step in to the congregation ministry / pastoral care work. I know life is not (will not be) prefect, but life is wonderful. I am called to serve people not because I am perfect, because I have the passion for Christ. I am able to connect with people’s struggles, doubts, crisis, and brokenness, emotional abuse, and messy faith, because of my own broken experiences.

Life is not perfect, but wonderful!

Rainbow = God’s Necklace (A quote by my daughter)


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