My parents dedicated me to God’s work and service when I was born. It is a gift to possess such spiritual parents who have always been great role models in my life, family, and ministry. Here is my ministerial journey.

Minister                                                                                                       2014 –

Springfield Christian Church (DOC), Rockville, Virginia

S Springfield Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is located in western Hanover County near Richmond, Virginia (Map). A church committed to loving God and sharing our faith in Jesus Christ with the community and beyond. This church family has called me to be their pastor. The church is full of energy and life. The church is small but their ministries are BIG.

The church is full of talented people with great passion for Christ and strong leaders with a heart of service.

What a gift to be part of this church family!


Minister of Christian Education                                                       2002 – 07

Battery Park Christian Church (DOC), Richmond, Virginia

I have been worshiping and serving at Battery Park since 2001. When I was studying my m7Master’s in Divinity at Baptist Theological Seminary, this church accepted me to be their youth minister. I was promoted to be the Minister of Christian Education in 2005. Later in 2009, I was ordained as a Disciples of Christ minister (USA / Canada). Battery Park is our spiritual family. We have been busy doing this in the historical Bellevue neighborhood for over half a century.  Many people in the community and beyond have joined in this effort over the years. We would be most pleased to have you join hands with us in this sacred task of worship and service.

Clinical Chaplain Intern                                                                      2004 – 05

Chippenham Johnston-Willis Medical Center, Virginia

Mission & Cultural Service (Seminary Project)                               May 2004

Havana, Cuba

Pastoral Care Intern                                                                            2002 – 03

Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center, Virginia

Children and Youth Worker                                                              2000 – 01

St. Mark’s Church, Versailles, France

Children and Youth Worker                                                                      1999 – 2000

St. Andrew’s Church, Cambridge, England

YMCA Voluntary Worker, Cambridge, England & Norway

Church Youth President & Religion Member                           1990-99

Emmanuel Methodist  Church, Chennai, India


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