Best Friends

m2Marley is my daughter’s best friend from pre-school. Marley is a red-head and my daughter’s hair is black. No matter what color their skin or hair is, their friendship has grown deeper over the past 2 years. While Meesha was in cancer treatment and still attending few days of pre-school, Marley got very close to Meesha during the “Lunch-Bunch” play time. They hung with each other and started taking great care of each other. Marley’s parents are great people. Because of Meesha and Marley’s relationship, we parents started to hangout together. It is amazing how our children bring great people into our lives. Even though Marley and Meesha attend 2 different schools this year, they still connect 2 times each month to celebrate their friendship. Today, Marley designed and drew a great art work for Meesha. Friends will be friends.


About mosesjoshua

Minister, Springfield Christian Church (DOC) Educator, Good Shepherd Episcopal School Teacher, St. Michael's Episcopal School (2005-2016) Ordained Minister, Disciples of Christ Christian Church
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