An Unfinished Prayer

Indescribable God IMG_0544
You rolled up your sleeves and began your work of Creation
You purposefully designed this day for your creation and creatures
The Sun, the wind, the trees, and the birds
have been singing your praises since the dawn of light

All powerful, All Majestic Creator
We human beings, full of imperfections and limitations
join the creation this morning, singing your un-containable glory
Accept our exclamation of your awesomeness
though our inadequate words and laughable terminologies

Unfathomable God
We offer you our desperate, destructible, diminished, and dysfunctional selves
In spite of being a God who placed the stars in the skies and knowing them by name,
You come down to our level to relate, celebrate and create
Newness from our brokenness.
Broken, blemished and fascinated
We fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim

Lord of truth
Give us a mindset to think, analyze, and stand up for justice in our world
Lord of peace
Give us a heart of empathy to surrender, sacrifice, and serve the ones who are unaccepted, underprivileged, unemployed and unwanted by our culture
Lord of Lords
We as your church ask for one more need this morning
Give us a thankful heart for all your blessings and gifts in our lives
In spite of the earthly wants, selfishness and desires that control us
Help us to be satisfied, self-sufficient and secured
Knowing that your eyes are on the sparrow and you watch each one of us

We offer this unfinished prayer
In Jesus’ name – Amen

I wrote this prayer in 2009.


About mosesjoshua

Minister, Springfield Christian Church (DOC) Educator, Good Shepherd Episcopal School Teacher, St. Michael's Episcopal School (2005-2016) Ordained Minister, Disciples of Christ Christian Church
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